Since starting my practice in 2005 I have obtained more than $3 million in retroactive awards for clients whose claims were repeatedly denied by VA. I obtain evidence to support claims, and I conduct legal research on cases.

If your claim was denied by VA, and you are looking for help, I would encourage you to speak with me.

VA Experience

I sincerely believe that an attorney who is experienced with the VA bureaucracy and understands what VA decision makers require is the difference between a claim being granted or being denied. Learn more.
Proven Results

A question I hear often is whether I have had success in getting difficult claims granted. There are a lot of lawyers who say that they are veterans’ advocates, but the proof is in a successful track record.
See my real-world examples of some of my successes at the Board.
How Much Does It Cost?

I work based upon contingency. If I am successful, current law allows me to receive 20 percent of a retroactive award as a fee in appeals cases. I ask that clients pay for medical opinions. I do not get paid if I am not successful. Learn more.